Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

This is a condition where you grind or clench your teeth (Bruxism). People normally do this at night when they are asleep but unconsciously, could be doing it during the day as well.

People who grind their teeth at night and are unaware of it may have other problem such as snoring or sleep apnoea. Mild bruxism may not need any treatment but if continues for long term, may lead to headache, damaged teeth, jaw ache and other problems. Some of the causes of this disorder are:

  • Other sleep problems such as sleep apnoea
  • Stressed, anxiety or tension
  • Focusing habit

Some of the symptoms of bruxism are:

  • Waking up with headache or pain on the jaw joints
  • Indentations on your tongue
  • Flattened, chipped or damaged teeth
  • Teeth sensitivity/loss of enamel
  • Noise when grinding that can be heard by others