Emergency Dental Help

Help when you need it most

When accidents happen, Ashfield Dental Centre is here to help. We know dental emergencies can be painful and inconvenient, which is why our qualified and experienced team will be there to guide you through with care and compassion. Common dental emergencies can include:

  • a broken tooth
  • a concern with your dentures or implant
  • a problem with your fillings
  • need an emergency adjustment to your braces

We understand that you need priority when you have a dental emergency, which is why we try to keep some space available in our schedule for last-minute visits. Please call our friendly team if you require an emergency appointment and we will schedule you in accordingly to address your urgency.

Broken Tooth

Concern with a denture or implant

Problems with a filling

Urgent adjustment of braces

not sure if it's an emergency?

Anything that’s affecting your ability to do what you need to do can count as an emergency. If the pain you’re in prevents you from acting normally (eating, talking, sleeping, etc.) or you’re worried that inaction could lead to permanent damage, it’s best to call us as soon as possible.

If you’re not sure if what’s bothering you is an emergency, Please don't hesitate to call us anyway. Our friendly and caring staff will help you make the important decision on your dental health and will help you book an appointment when it’s needed.

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Emergency Dentist Ashfield, Sydney

What to expect

If you have a dental emergency, we’ll slot you into our schedule as soon as possible. Our reception staff will ask you for details about your emergency so we can find you an appropriate appointment. It’s important that you answer their questions as accurately as possible.

Once you arrive, your dentist will be able to fully assess your concern and make recommendations for treatment. We’ll discuss your options and possibilities with you beforehand so you can have peace of mind that we’re working towards the best possible solution. Your course of action will depend on your condition and the treatments you need.

Ongoing Support for your condition

We’re here to support you, so we’ll be glad to help provide any ongoing assistance you need to manage your condition. Our dentists will be able to help you choose a course of action to maximise your positive results, and we’ll provide the support and action it takes to get you back to your life. Contact our clinic to find out more about how we can help, or book an appointment online.

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