Keeping your mouth healthy and clean

A general dental check-up is a chance for your dentist to examine your teeth and oral health and prioritise prevention. Your average dental check-up has two parts – an examination of your teeth for any problems that need to be addressed, and a professional cleaning to remove built-up tartar and plaque.

A general dental check-up at Ashfield Dental Centre will provide you with the reassurance that your oral health is on track and can assist with detecting issues that can later become problems. Conveniently located in the heart of Sydney, our highly experienced staff are fully equipped to guide you through a thorough dental check-up.

Overdue for your general checkup?

Booking a check-up every six months gives you a chance to catch any oral health problems before they develop into severe conditions. If you’re pregnant, have been diagnosed with a dental condition, or have been given instructions by your dentist to do so, you may need to visit the dentist more often.

Regular check ups are important

You need a general check-up to ensure that everything in your mouth is in working order and will remain that way. General check-ups also give you a chance to ask your dentist any questions you may have and give your dentist a chance to catch any small problems you may have before they turn into bigger problems. They may be a little inconvenient and uncomfortable, but the peace of mind they can give you is worth the hassle.

To book an appointment at Ashfield Dental Centre, you can call our clinic during office hours or book online.

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What to expect at your checkup appointment

During your check-up at Ashfield Dental Centre, our dentists will use X-rays to get a close, in-depth look at your teeth and spot any underlying conditions you may have. They will also examine your teeth visually for any cavities, and use specialised tools to clean your teeth.

If your dentist does not detect any issues then you will not need to return until your next appointment in six months. If your dentist notices something that warrants further intervention, they’ll let you know how to proceed.

What we need to know

Your dentist will ask you a variety of questions at your appointment. As well as ask you about your oral hygiene process (making sure you’re brushing and flossing correctly). They may also ask you about your overall health ie; what medications you’re taking and ask questions about illnesses or operations you’ve recently had. These might seem like strange questions to you, but they can help your dentist make the right decision on how best to support your oral health. Don’t worry, your dentist will keep all your information confidential.

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