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What does a smile mean to you? A smile can really characterise an individual’s personality, and if your smile is not something you are proud of it can impact your everyday life in more ways than one. The first step is building your confidence, and the perfect smile takes time and work. A variety of techniques and procedures will often be used by your dentist to achieve your end result.

At Ashfield Dental Centre we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, long-lasting smile makeovers that are tailored to the individual receiving them. Our team of experienced dental professionals and technicians work closely with you to create the smile you've been longing for.

Cosmetic Smile Makeover Ashfield, Sydney

What to expect

Your smile makeover begins with a comprehensive oral examination and clean ensuring that the health of your teeth and gums are at their best prior to any other treatment. Before we begin cosmetic procedures, we check your mouth and teeth for any signs of disease or damage which could impact your smile makeover.

Once your mouth is assessed and any underlying problems have been treated, your dentist will discuss your smile goals with you and recommend procedures and treatments to achieve them.

Your smile makeover may take multiple visits to the clinic to complete. If this is the case our Patient Coordinators will advise you on how your journey will progress and when to book your future appointments. We also offer payment plans to not only make your treatment plan affordable but to enable you to start your journey sooner rather than later.

Start your journey...

Ashfield Dental Centre, Sydney, NSW

Teeth Whitening

Ashfield Dental Centre offers teeth whitening with Philips Zoom! technology.

Ashfield Dental Centre, Sydney, NSW


Revolutionise your smile with veneers moulded and coloured to suit your individual smile.

Dental Implants Ashfield, Sydney

Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges can repair and protect damaged teeth.

ashfield orthodontist sydney


Ashfield Dental Centre offers orthodontic treatment for both children and adults.

Root Canal - Ashfield Dental Centre

Dental Implants

Dental implants help you achieve a smile without gaps and restore your oral function. 

Ashfield Dental Centre, Sydney, NSW


A removable solution to missing teeth: dentures can help preserve your smile.

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