Professional Teeth Cleaning – What Your Dentist Can Do that You Can’t

Cleaning your teeth is an important part of maintaining dental health. While daily at-home teeth cleaning is essential to keeping healthy and preserving your smile, seeing your dentist regularly for professional cleaning is especially important as there are many things a dentist can do during a professional teeth cleaning at Ashfield Dental Centre that you cannot do at home.

What a professional dental cleaning can do for you:

Prevent gum disease

Prevent tooth decay

Freshen your breath

Brighten your smile

Improve your overall well being

Your dentist helps to preserve your oral health through regular teeth cleaning, usually at your 6-month check-up at Ashfield Dental Centre.

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Things your dentist can do at your professional teeth cleaning:

Spot & treat disease

Although there are many dental conditions that can be spotted at home, your dentist is specially trained in noticing and treating oral conditions and knows exactly what to look for at your teeth cleaning appointment.

Professional Teeth Cleaning - Ashfield Dental Centre

Dentists can spot signs of:

Remove calculus

Calculus is a hardened build-up of plaque that can’t be brushed or flossed away at home. It often sits below the gumline and out of reach of a toothbrush which is why it takes a professional teeth clean to remove. Calculus deposits can become decay or contribute to infection if left untreated. This is one of the reasons your dentist at Ashfield Dental centre will take special care in removing calculus deposits at your cleaning appointment.

Use specialised tools and products

Different dentists use a wide variety of specialised tools to give their patients the best possible teeth cleaning. At Ashfield Dental Centre, our range of specialist tools and teeth cleaning equipment includes the following:

  • Dental scaler – this is used to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth.
  • Ultrasonic vibrator – used to dislodge stubborn plaque.
  • Small lights and mirrors – these help your dentist get a better view of your mouth than you can get at home and spot hidden problems.
  • Abrasive pastes – similar to toothpaste, these are used to polish your teeth. They make it harder for plaque to stick to your teeth and may make them feel very smooth.
  • Liquid fluoride rinses and leave-on fluoride treatments – these help keep your teeth healthy and can make them feel very smooth.
  • Whitening treatments – In-chair whitening treatments often give better results than at-home treatments. Ashfield Dental Centre provides whitening with Philips Zoom! teeth whitening systems. This does not take place at a standard teeth cleaning appointment, but your dentist can discuss whitening options at your cleaning appointment if you wish.

Provide trustworthy advice

The internet is not always trustworthy, so it is always better to ask a dentist directly if you have a question about your oral health. At your professional teeth cleaning appointment at Ashfield Dental Centre, your dentist will discuss all aspects of your oral health and can provide expert recommendations for keeping your smile bright and healthy. They can recommend products such as specialised toothbrushes or toothpastes, and may even be able to provide small samples after your professional cleaning appointment. This is a great opportunity to discuss and further treatments that are needed to maintain your oral health.

Comprehensive, professional dental cleaning in Ashfield

Ashfield Dental Centre is committed to providing quality, professional teeth cleaning and dental services to the people of Ashfield and its surrounds. We serve patients in Ashfield, Croydon Park, Summer Hill, Haberfield, Dulwich Hill, Ashbury, Croydon, Burwood Heights, Lewisham and more. Call us today to begin discussing your journey to a clean, healthy smile or to book a professional teeth cleaning appointment!

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