Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry – What is it all about?

Many equate cosmetic dentistry with pearly white teeth, but it offers much more to oral and dental health than just enhance the colour of the teeth. There are many advanced tools and techniques available in this branch of dentistry that help support people with different dental issues.

It is possible to improve and preserve the appearance and health of teeth for a lifetime through different cosmetic interventions. Different procedures available to provide specific results along with boosting the confidence of the person.

There are many cosmetic procedures to help straighten crooked teeth, change the alignment and shape of the teeth, colour of the teeth, and improve overall appearance. Along with improved looking teeth comes the ease of cleaning the teeth, thus helping to get rid of food particles that are left in the mouth, thus preventing decay.

Different procedures in cosmetic dentistry help different dental problems. This involves adding or removing materials like teeth whitening or bleaching. Changing the shape/structure of the gums, adding material to the teeth like dental veneers or crowns and also straightening the structure of the teeth.

Teeth whitening

Cosmetic dentistry gained popularity with this procedure. Getting sparkling teeth and having a bright smile is something everyone wishes to have and teeth whitening makes this possible. The colour of the teeth changes with age, medicines, food habits or lifestyle choices like smoking or using tobacco. This cosmetic process does not just make the teeth whiter; the teeth are actually cleaned thoroughly. The plaque or tartar build up is also removed.

The possibility of decay is removed by this process and along with it, the sparkle to the teeth is returned. The whitening is made possible with the bleaching ingredient that is present in the whitening agents. Some tooth pastes are available that can be used for teeth whitening. But when the problem is severe, specialised treatment is needed for this.

Dental veneers and bonding

Altering the appearance of the person and giving a better smile is possible with dental veneers and bonding.

If teeth are unsightly due to their crooked teeth, chipped off, misaligned position, then the confidence of the person suffers. The aesthetic appearance can be brought back with dental veneers. These are light porcelain coverings that are placed on the existing teeth. The new coverings provide perfect shape to the teeth.

Impressions of the teeth are first taken to prepare the dental veneers. They are then shaped exactly like natural teeth, maintaining a natural shape and the colour that matches that of existing teeth.

The process of bonding can help chipped or fractured teeth to heal. The materials used in bonding are shaped like natural whole teeth and applied to the teeth. If decay is the reason, it’s treated first before being moulded using composite bonding material and restored to their normal form.


You know how it feels to be embarrassed of smiling for fear that your missing teeth will show? People lose their confidence in mingling with people if they have lost their teeth, the issue is severe if the front teeth are lost.

Dental implants are among the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures performed today and there’s no reason not to start living life with confidence again! Dental implants work by replacing lost or missing teeth in one simple procedure that lasts about an hour. The implant itself is made from titanium and placed into the jawbone where it fuses with natural bone tissue over time (6-12 months).

Dental implants are permanent teeth repairs. They are done by placing permanent anchors in the jaw line and placing teeth crowns over the structure.

Dental implants are permanent teeth restorations that people are able to adapt quickly and not fear them coming out loose. Taking care of replacement teeth should be done like natural teeth to maintain them.

Crowns and Bridges

Similar to implants, crowns and bridges also help in substituting lost teeth. They are less permanent when compared to implants. The bridges are placed in the area where the teeth are lost and crowns are placed in the area of lost teeth.

Bridges are caps that are placed on the natural teeth and they support this replacement structure. The colour of the teeth and shape of the teeth are chosen to match the natural teeth so there is no problem associated with using false teeth. The crowns are also placed on teeth that are crooked or broken to help give them a perfect shape and restore the smile.

Improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry

The procedures mentioned above are only some of the main procedures possible through cosmetic dentistry. The effect of treatments is very visible and changes the image of the person. Chipped or damaged teeth become complete and perfect, crooked teeth get straightened and not to forget the pearly white colour of the teeth. Along with this change of appearance, there is an enormous boost of self-confidence. They are also able to continue with their earlier lifestyle as well.

Some of the procedures are simple ones like the teeth whitening procedures that are performed within a few hours, and some are complex surgeries like the dental implants that take some months to complete the process. This is because the gums and jaw lines need to heal after each procedure is complete and then the next procedure is done. There are different complex procedures that are done by cosmetic dentists that will help improve the overall health of the person like restructuring the jaw line and supporting those who have bone loss issues.

Dentists are always looking for ways to improve their patients’ oral health. One way they do this is by providing cosmetic procedures that help people feel more confident about themselves and the appearance of their smile. If you need dental treatments, talk with your dentist or orthodontist today. They will be able to provide you with a thorough examination and discuss what types of services would suit your needs best. During consultations dentists will guide people on the hygiene practices they need to follow to maintain good oral and dental health. Once you have had an exam, it’s important to follow good hygiene practices so that decay doesn’t set in after any type of procedure has been performed on your teeth.

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