Children’s Dentistry with a Family Dentist in Sydney

Does your child have healthy dental habits? The team at Ashfield Dental are family dentists, dedicated to teaching children how to care for their smiles for life.

dentist with child and model of teeth

When should your child start visiting the Dentist?

Children who visit the dentist with their parents from preschool age become familiar with the dental environment and are less likely to be anxious or fearful. Regular visits also mean that minor problems can be detected before they become major problems and treatment is more simple.

There is evident to show that children with decay on their milk teeth are more likely to develop decay on their adult teeth so it is best to bring them to see the dentist as soon as they turn 2.

The primary teeth (or milk teeth) play a vital role not only in eating, smiling and appearance, but also in speech development and they hold spaces for developing adult teeth.

Our friendly and approachable team will help teach your children the importance of regular dental visits, diet and correct cleaning technique good habits that will encourage a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

children holding apples at Ashfield Dental Centre