Ashfield Children’s Orthodontics

The Australian Society of Orthodontists recommends that children receive an orthodontic assessment at seven years old. Although this is too young for kids to have braces, there are a number of benefits your child can gain through early assessment.


The top 5 reasons your child should have an early orthodontic assessment are:

  • To identify any harmful oral habits that could lead to poor or asymmetrical facial development.
  • To reduce the need for future, more complex orthodontic treatment.
  • To check all teeth are present and in their correct location. This assists long term planning for ideal orthodontic treatment.
  • Correct any impediment to normal speech or airway development.
  • To preserve or make space for erupting teeth. This may reduce or eliminate the need for future extractions.

Call today for an initial consultation. At this consultation Dr Anita Kouba will comprehensively assess your child to ensure normal dental development and facial growth.

Please be assured that early orthodontic treatment will only be undertaken when it will make a difference in the long term.