Dentures in Ashfield, Sydney

Dentures are a way of replacing missing teeth. We offer two different types of dentures which are, acrylic or chrome cobalt dentures.

Acrylic dentures – This is most cost effective and is easy to have a tooth added to it in case you lose a tooth and needs to be added to the denture. This can be worn as a temporary denture while waiting for an implant or thinking of chrome cobalt in the future. The denture can also be relined if it starts getting loose.   However, as this denture is made up of thick acrylic, it may take a while to get used to it and as the acrylic material is weak, it may tend to break more often. This may also affect your speech in the beginning.

Chrome Cobalt – This denture take longer to make and costs more. The frame is thinner so does not affect the speech as much as the acrylic. The metal frame is also good to preserve the bone from extracted teeth in case you would like to have an implant in the future. However, if you lose another tooth, it is harder to be added to the chrome cobalt.

The Ashfield Dental Centre’s objective is to provide you with dentures that are lifelike, comfortable and customised for your individual needs. We want our patients to regain the confidence to speak, eat and smile without feeling self-conscious.